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The girls at the conventions were selling marijuana supplies. Marijuana products went beyond the flower individuals were smoking. Marijuana models were necessary at selling supplies, products, glass wear, bongs, pipes, papers, and more. Inventions for smoking marijuana were coming into Las Vegas from around the world. Since I photographed the models, I learned about the products before they hit the mainstream. The first marijuana models used terms associated with marijuana. I worked for performers, entertainers, dancers, captured their pictures with photography. Then I went to Comic Con. Visited and photographed conventions in New York City, Los Angeles, and Comic Con in San Diego. I bought the domain names Marijuana Dominatrix and Mistress Marijuana. The female models loved the titles, because they were sick of the old outdated names to describe female models that were posing for marijuana products. Thomas Chee  #ruthbaderginsburg #SupremeCourt #supremecourtjustice #SupremeCourtJudge