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Thomas Chee

 THOMAS CHEE, 4325 Brookshire Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (707) 490-6432

Websites: with Email:
LV.Net, Google Local Guide Level 10 on Google Maps with 140,617,777 views as of July 2019.
LV Portfolio, Google Local Guide Level 9 on Google Maps with 552 reviews as of January 2022. -
TikTok: @HollywoodCalifornia - - Twitter:@EuropeAsiaUSA : Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogger, Video Vlogger

Owner of, (2020 to the Present)
Published, created, written, and helped ghost write over 60 books for corporations, writers, and authors.
Developed, created audiobooks on compact discs, CDs, and e-books Amazon, Smashwords, CreateSpace.
Strong writing ability, video vlogging, photography skills, blogging, verbal communication skills

Ability to interact effectively with a wide range of external audiences and with company leadership.

Viewed as a trusted advisor with a successful track record in building and maintaining strong relationships at all levels with literary agents, magazine writers, writers, authors. 

Outstanding digital marketin g skills, assertive and approachable personality. 

Ability to manage relationships, international and nationwide, with skill, tact and diplomacy

LV.Net High Speed Internet
Director of Government Affairs (2013-2020)
Proven leader who skillfully bridges the political spectrum.
Deep inside understanding of the local, state, and federal government.
Identify business opportunities with government and corporate leaders in Nevada and California.
Establish networks of political and state agency contacts including founding Nevada Business Forum.
Develops and leverages significant relationships with elected and appointed officials and their staffs, lobbyists, local county and city council members and other city staff, counterparts and other regional entities from Reno to Las Vegas, Nye County to Clark County, and Hawthorn, Nevada.
Monitors, interprets, and recommends responses to federal and state legislation initiatives to support representation at City Hall Council Meetings with the Mayor and City Council, Commissioner Meetings in Clark County, Nye County, and the many Nevada Chamber of Commerce Meetings as well as meetings with former CIA officials, attorneys, and developers.
Monitor state and federal proposals, analyze impact, develop and execute strategy.
Remain aware of potential global implications of local issues and coordinate their management with global colleagues.

LasVegas.Net Magazine
Journalist and Writer
November 2012 to the Present

Work with management to write and develop stories, articles, and photographs.

Pitch stories to news managers relevant to the local community and corporate markets.

Covers a range of current events news, finance, development, investment, travel, lifestyle.

Receives assignments and evaluates leaders and tips to develop story ideas.

Provides compelling coverage of both anticipated and spontaneous news for print and online media

Write and edit copy for product marketing, product descriptions, blog posts, and brand marketing.

Commercial understanding of the online marketplace with expertise of online marketing channels.

Las Vegas Portfolio, Book Publisher and Writer

January 2007 to February 2020
Influences the public by writing inside information on local, state, and federal government.

Advise marketers on best web publishing practices, messaging, SEO, SEM, content linking.

Creative and tenacious reporter with an enthusiasm for investigative journalism involving government and community affairs.

Develop news as well as investigative stories for book publication on government affairs.

Gathering material on Nevada developers, government officials, attorneys, and lobbyists.

Lobbying corporate, government, and technology groups representing organizations to the public.

Generate written materials for Facebook news, websites, blogs, state and county newsletters.

Produce video content and photography for stories as well as educational and promotional purposes to enhance current events in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Arrange interviews with community leaders who can provide inside information about stories.

Complete writing assignments including autobiographies, biographies, press releases, opinion pieces, film screenplays, film scripts, talking points and ghost writing for leadership.

Passion and experience in social media and e-commerce.

Knowledge and Skills used at Las Vegas Portfolio Publishing

Adobe Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Experience in writing and production design for print, Wordpress, Google Sites, Blogger

Skills to use publishing and page layout software, Adobe InDesign, MS Word, PageMaker

Video and Photography Skills.

Ability to effectively communication both verbally and visually

Coordinate and maintain relationships with printers and demonstrate working knowledge of print production and printing requirements.

Network Solutions Gold VIP Member since 1996.

Highlights and Achievements

Advertising, Adobe Illustrator 7.0 Launch Kit, First Internet Adobe Software for Windows

Advertising, Charles Schwab International Electronic Brokerage, Software, Websites, Banners

Advertising, NYC Portfolio and NYC Writer, Journalist Websites

Web Administrator, Veeco and Digital Instruments, World Leader Atomic Force Microscopes

Executive Producer, Maingate also known as Military Resource and Information Technology

Teacher, Academy of Economics, Prague, Czechoslovakia


MBA International Business, Dominican College of San Rafael

Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, San Francisco State University


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