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Anti-Asian, Anti-Chinese

  I wrote a book ten years ago on the growing trend of Anti-Asian American attitudes. A famous literary agent and I had dinner in North Beach, San Francisco. The literary agent heard about five books I was writing regarding the History of the Mormons, History of Rock and Roll, History of American Music. I had written about music for years, but I wanted to capture more about the history of music in St. Louis, Missouri. The literary agent insisted I write about China. He wanted me to interview people in the United States. He thought my book on China and America would be a diplomatic success. I was leaving for the State of Missouri, where I got a job at Amazon Corporation, then with the Department of Revenue for the State of Missouri as well as the Department of Corrections. I was branching out. Learning as much as I could about how people were feeling about Chinese, Asians, Koreans like me. I was engaged in writing about America's new attitude. The attitude of Anti-Chinese themes. Th