The sun is out with a warmth that burned off the fog. The fog came from the ocean, which was a welcoming fog, because Sunday meant there was no school, no school meant that there was no reason to wake up, especially wake up early. I guess I have become attached to some of the parents that I see, because I woke up to write, and wondered what the parents were going through this morning. I have become a member of the community? I wondered what the parents were going through this morning without the thoughts of school. I wondered what the parents were going through with the weather being bright with sun. I heard stories of the parents driving in huge convoys to Lake Tahoe. Their families were going to ski in the Sierra Nevada Mountains between the bordering states of California and Nevada. I was writing, when I wrote the dad that I met last night. I sent his messages to encourage him to write. He was taking his children south over the Golden Gate Bridge to play sports, waltz around the cit


  I have been writing by hand for a long time now. I have not been updating my journals, diaries, or blogs. I have had friends that have reminded me of the lost art of letter writing. I have had friends that have had challenges in the month of March 2024. There challenges are chaotic. This prompted me to stop writing fiction. Maybe make belief has its time, has its moments, to necessarily, I don't need to escape. Fiction writing helps us escape. I need to write my journey in my journals. I have been using an ink pen.  Thomas Chee March 14, 2024 THOMAS CHEE  MARCH 14, 2024, THURSDAY  Links:  and  and #thomaschee #dance #nig


Describe how the girl at the gym thinks that she is the authority on everything.  Describe how she has never left her part of town in Santa Rosa even to go eat at a restaurant on the West Side of Santa Rosa, California.  Describe how the girl at the party thinks that she is the authority on everything, yet had three failed marriages that she shares with everyone as she sucks down drinks at the local bar.  Describe how we lived before social media, video games, and text messages.  Describe how the grocery store never sold individual donuts or bagels.  Describe how we rode bicycles to learn how to use microwave ovens at the market.  Describe how we learned how to talk by watching the way dialogue was used in the films we watched in high school.  Describe how Coddingtown Cinemas was a safe haven.  Describe how we learned to play video games at the cinema and market.  Describe how Coddingtown Cinemas was our education outside of school.  Describe how Santa Rosa High School had the deli.  M


The girls in the college dorms told stories about their relationships in high school. They were funny. The girls at the bar in Santa Rosa where I bartended told stories about the guys they had relationships with in college. The stories ended in Santa Rosa. I don't know why. I feel that jokes are like long hair, you are supposed to question whether to have long hair and romantic comedies as a parent? When I was in Las Vegas, Nevada, the single mothers who I worked with in the adult industry, they would tell me stories about their ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, especially the men that left them to become gay. The stories were funny, I remember most of them, but when did I had time to write? Writing takes time? When I write, I write alone, and writing alone is hard when I want to spend time with my kids. I often see adults and think of the girls that I knew at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Sacramento State University, I realize that the girls in Prague, Czech, stopped telling jokes when they cu


"Write it down." My friend's attorney claimed. My friend had an attorney that requested that he, "Write it down. Write it all down. Document it. I will do it for you, but it will cost you. Write it all down." Then my friend sent me the files on discovery, documentation known as declarations. There were questions. I started to answer them by writing. I typed them out. Talked to my friend. Typed them out. We went through a lot of documentation. I realized that the fiction and fantasy writing that I capture when I come into the house after going out on the town are important. Sometimes the writing is as comedy as legal. The girls that are getting divorces have to document their stories. Document your case for the court or for you own free will. I met a journalist that covered rock bands. She traveled with bands in the Midwest and claims, "That is why I had to come here. I had to get out of town. My hometown in the Midwest. I wrote about these bands and their g


Describe. Description. Show. Do Not Tell. Show what you are sharing with the reader. Describe What You Want to Communicate. Describe how there is no use for beer, there were no children invited to the beer festival, and there were no children allowed into the bar serving beer. Describe how one of the most popular restaurants in town is charging children for fried tortillas the restaurant calls chips or nachos. Describe how is it okay to drink, write at home, and drive drunk, but not write about adventures. Describe how writing about sex in New York City and Las Vegas is popular, but writing about sex in Northern California is stigmatizing. Describe how law enforcement encourages their single employees to do background checks on people they meet or want to spend time with on a date. Describe how the city turns down employees when they desperately need employees. Describe how the city has had a problem with parking since the eighties yet still encourages growth where parking is not inves


Do you want to go with me to the club? Do you want to eat next door at the restaurant where the film makers collaborate? Do you want to take a tour of the clubs to the west and east of the entrance? There are more clubs with different music. Different dance clubs offer a unique vibe. Do you want to watch the girl dance like a cat possessed by the snake? The snake tempted Adam and Eve. Adam mean man in Hebrew. Eve means life. Man was tempted by life when he saw the snake dance. The trip might pay for itself, because I will help you promote the stories that you write about. You will be telling tales, bringing your friends, showing them a world outside of the one they know. Outside of their comfort zone. You will enjoy coffee at the cafe where the dominatrix hang out. You will shop for dance gear at the leather store. When you leave the nightclub in San Francisco, you will take the memory back with you to Santa Rosa, Missouri, Ohio, and you will dance on the treadmill, not just walk the t